Camp Craft Cocktail's~ Enjoy!




16 ox Cranberry Martini:  Contains Cranberry, Lemon Orange, Citrus Infused non-GMO vegan cane sugar. Fill with 12 oz of alcohol. Refrigerate for 3 days. Enjoy for the next 30 days as the basis for 8-15 craft cocktails. 

Pineapple Jalapeno: Contains Pineapple, jalapeno, lime and citrus infused with cane sugar. 

Apricot Cranberry Smash: contains apricot, orange, cranberry and citrus infused with cane sugar

Bloody Mary contains lemon, cilantro, black peppercorn, full sour probiotic garlic pickle and horseradish sriracha salt

Hibiscus Ginger Lemon contains: hibiscus calyx, ginger root, lemon, and hibiscus infused with cane sugar

Aromatic Citrus: contains sweet orange citrus, rosemary, thyme, and bitters infused with cane sugar