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Bee Sweet Canape Plates 6" ( this is not the set, just one)

Bee Sweet Canape Plates 6" ( this is not the set, just one)

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Bee Bee Happy Ceramic Plate: At the center, there's an illustration of a beehive, layered with alternating light and dark bands, evoking the natural texture of a hive. Surrounding the hive are wildflowers, including daisies, which add to the rustic charm of the design.

Sweet Plate: The focal point of this plate is a tall and slender illustration of mustard-yellow flowers. Bees are seen flying around, collecting nectar from the flowers.Bee Kind Plate: This plate spotlights a detailed illustration of a bee in the center. The bee appears lifelike with its intricate details, showcasing its striped body and delicate wings. The phrase "bee kind" is noted at the bottom in a matching cursive font.

Bee True Plate: The design features a pale-yellow flower with intricate detailing on the petals and center. Again, bees can be seen flying around the flower, enriching the theme. The phrase "bee true" is artistically inscribed at the bottom

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