Original Gleeful Farmers (FD Jolly Ranchers) cart 24
Original Gleeful Farmers (FD Jolly Ranchers) cart 24

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Vendor: North Coast Candy Co

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Our original Gleeful Farmers (freeze-dried original Jolly Ranchers) are sure to knock you out of your saddle. Pucker up, partner, cuz these super-light puffs of candy take all of that fruity flavor and hit you all at once in an instant. Forget about sucking for what seems like hours, get your instant gratification with our Gleeful Farmers instead! That's what we do: we freeze-dry those ridiculously hard little candy bricks. After several hours, those little bricks puff up between 6 & 10 times their original size and end up with a texture akin to a giant cheese puff ball. We make our original Gleeful Farmers from the very same bestselling original Jolly Ranchers and feature a random mix of blue raspberry, cherry, grape, green apple, & watermelon flavors.