Tranquility Chime 32" 92689

Tranquility Chime 32" 92689


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When you define "consonance" as "pleasing to the ear", then of course you must ask, "whose ear?" But word on the street is that the Vista Classics’ Tranquility chimes yields musical intervals that are pleasing to most people. Whether the 25”, 32” or 39”, the Tranquility chime delivers. Each chime combines six silver high-quality anodized aluminum tubes with a solid wood suspension platform, clapper & wind sail, all secured with durable nylon braided cord. The solid wood sail is blank so it can be personalized. Made with rust-resistant, anodized aluminum, wood & durable nylon braided cord. Each tube provides a joyful resonating note. Includes easy hanging metal hook. Makes a great gift for any season or reason!" Measures approximately: 5.5" x 5.5" x 42"