Ahh Towel - Instant Cooling Towel (24)

Ahh Towel - Instant Cooling Towel (24)


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The Ahh Towel is the first ever instant cooling wet towel. A cooling reaction inside the towel drops the temperature the instant you activate it without needing refrigeration. It’s made with safe, non-toxic ingredients, and the only thing that touches your skin is the soft 70% viscose towel, and a light mint hydrosol solution, perfect for feeling fresh. It’s perfect for athletes, workers, travelers, tourists, outdoors people and anyone who just needs a break. Refresh anytime, anywhere. If your store is in a hot climate, or gets a lot of summer traffic, this is a perfect checkout item. Also great for general wellness, skincare, and boutiques. they can be displayed on clip strips similar to bags of chips. If you prefer hang tabs, please see the other product listing.