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Glass Electric Kettle 1.7 L with blue LED light

Glass Electric Kettle 1.7 L with blue LED light

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FAST BOILING ACTION: Fill up the 1.7L glass electric kettle that comes with capacity markings, and get hot boiling water in 4 to 8 minutes without waiting for your favorite beverage. The blue LED indicator will light up as soon as the water starts to heat up; when ready, pour over coffee, tea, cocoa, instant food, oatmeal, or baby food.

RELIABLE AND SMART FUNCTIONS: Designed with auto-shut off and boil-dry protection features, this tea kettle turns off once the water reaches maximum boiling temperature or when there’s no water inside the kettle. Manually turn off the kettle by pressing the power button.

PUREST WATER EVERY TIME: This electric kettle is constructed from a high-quality 304 stainless steel heating plate with a thick borosilicate glass body to keep your beverage free from contamination. While the water is heating, the material provides resistance to cracking and high temperatures.

PORTABLE AND CORD-FREE: The detachable 360° swivel base and cordless body.

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